1982-1992 - Concerts Photographer
Since the end of 1979 I photograph every concert I attend. Since my first concerts in 79/80 (Queen, Police, Bob Marley, Santana, Motorhead, AC/DC, The Cure, Kiss, The Scorpions or The Clash) I photographed all these concerts as amateur. I am still in school at the time. In 1982 at the Reading Festival in England, everything changed. Steve Harris, bassist of Iron Maiden (that I met a few weeks earlier in Belgium and before that when opening for Kiss - in 1980) gives us, to my brother Pierre and I, a full-access VIP pass during the three days of the festival . This is where all my first contacts with the world of Metal begins (bands, managers, concerts promotors, record labels, etc.). For more than ten years I walk all the concerts and festivals of Europe as Guest, VIP or as simple accredited photographer. It is within this context that I met Metallica in their early days (1983) and Helloween (1985). I sent my photos to Helloween by signing my letter with a little comic character wearing a pumpkin head. I was immediately contacted back by Michael Weikath and Kai Hansen to draw other comics for the group. This is when the story of the Pumpkins Comics begins. It was also at that time (1987) that André Franquin chooses me to draw Marsupilamis for merchandising.

1985-1989 - Independent draftsman of comics and travels
Thanks to the success of Helloween and the many drawings I had to make for the group, I was able to live from my drawings and travel a lot for five exceptional years. It was the time of "Keepers of the Seven Keys (Part I & II), Live In The U.K. the heyday of the German group. At the same time I drew short stories for the french comics Fluide Glacial or the Japanese magazine Viva Rock - thanks to the success of the Helloween illustrations. Long journeys of several months in India or the United States (among others) have opened my mind to the diversity of thoughts and philosophies to a better understanding of the complexity and richness of the world. My freedom is total and absolute during this period of my life.

1990 - Time Stood Still…
I can no longer escape my fate. 20 months of "civil service" (instead of the army) have to be done. No more trips, (not allowed to leave the Belgian territory) no more time to draw, I have to sell my Ford Mustang, it's the end of my world. My girlfriend at the time lives in Paris. Every other weekend I am theoretically deserter because I do not consider the prohibition to leave the territory. Nevertheless, despite the "obligatory" aspect of the exercise of civil service, I had a lot of luck. I was hired as an illustrator-graphic designer at the School of Public Health of UCL. The service of Dr. Noël, a friend of my maternal grandfather. A very warm atmosphere, a team passionate about its work. My services are appreciated and always done on time. I have the keys to the building, the trust, I have time for me ... So I can continue to draw for myself and my clients. After a week this "prison" has turned into an opportunity. But that's not all ... The library of the service is equipped with a computer. A brand new Macintosh IIcx. The program "Paint" and then Photoshop 1.0 (black and white). This little machine will change my life.

1991-1996 - Art Director for PHB Communication et Marketing
First job in a small communication agency in Brussels. PHB was a technology leader at the time. Mac operators were rare and few agencies used a computer for anything other than word processing. PHB was a forerunner and very soon I was lucky enough to be hired even before I finished my civil service as a designer and Mac operator at UCL. This period was very rewarding, the discovery of more and more sophisticated softwares, it is there that I used the first time Photoshop for the layout and the colorizing of Helloween’s single "Number One". During this period I continued to create (on Mac and by hand) many album covers. For Channel Zero (Stigmatized - Unsafe) - The GreenHorns - La Muerte, montages for Metallica (So What Mag) but especially: The Best, The Rest of Rare, Chameleon, The Pumpkin Box (Best Of) and Master of the Rings for Helloween . Strangely, all the drawings made for the album "Pinks Bubble Go Ape" were not used to illustrate the album. The Art Director Storm Thorgerson (Pink Floyd) did not know what to do with my drawings (and I understand him, we are not in the same trip). The album sold poorly (early English management) but my drawings have had their success as of merchandising purposes.

1996-1998 - Art Director for Leo Burnett Brussels agency
I was hired as head of the graphic studio and to give a hand to the creative teams in the use of the Mac for the creations of the agency. (Mc Donalds, Jupiler, Fiat, etc.) Subsequently the visual communication budgets of Philip Morris accounts (Marlboro, Merit, L&M) were entrusted to me. In parallel I created my last collaboration for Helloween "The Time of the Oath" (general layout, booklet and interior illustrations + all the merchandising of the tour) and realized album covers for Channel Zero (Black Fuel + Live Album).

1998-2003 - Hypnotized - Image Manipulations
Creation of Hypnotized, retouching and image manipulations, graphic design and photography. And my first own website is handmade in html. Loyal customers like Philip Morris Intl. for sponsorship budgets follow me (L&M Rock, L&M Racing, Marlboro Vibes, Marlboro Music, Marlboro Racing (rally), Marlboro Formula 1) and various advertising and graphic agencies in Belgium. While continuing to work as a freelancer with Leo Burnett for Marlboro and L&M campaigns (excluding sponsoring budgets). Then the activity gradually developed towards graphic design for other direct clients with budgets more adapted to my starting structure. It was at this point that I was again contacted by Helloween’s management that was now English. The record company is more directive: one "gives me ideas" tells me how I should work. Until now I’ve always had carte blanche and everything had worked very well. I declined their job proposal. No regrets because the setting up of my new structure, Hypnotized, was very time-consuming, my first client Philip Morris over-solicited me, so I had other priorities than listening to a marketing manager in London who was eager to me help me improve myself ;)

2002-2017 - Hypnotized - Creative Websites
Still within Hypnotized, I developed the web activity. At first, Flash "image" websites (numerous awards and publications) and from 2011, at the same time as the death of the Flash plugin, hiring of a developer, Stéphane Turrin, to open our market more to interactive html websites, e-commerces, etc. With a very varied clientele composed of: theaters, hotels, organic shops, restaurants, architects, doctors, osteopaths, musical groups, coaches, sports associations, business centers, various traders but also sometimes larger international groups (Fanta, Peugeot, G-14). Our customers are mainly in Belgium but also in Bolivia, United States, France, Mauritius, Luxembourg, Morocco, Tanzania ...

Change of life and move to Mauritius to continue the development and creation of websites. Founding of HYPNO LUXO Ltd, in association with Frank M Hinrichs as CFO and in collaboration with Stéphane Turrin, developer and manager of OzarK in Belgium. The ultimate goal is to develop markets outside Europe. The adventure goes on. Visit www.hypnoluxo.com to see today’s works.

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