It is as a concerts-photographer that Frederick Moulaert met Helloween in Belgium for the first time back in 1985. After the first Helloween Tour he then sent a few live photos to the band. Le letter was signed with a little character with a pumpkin head. Following this letter, Kai Hansen and Michael Weikath contacted him back asking if he could draw more cartoons. Michael being a fan of the french cartoonist Marcel Gotlib, and Frederick too, they had the same spirit. This is how the collaboration started.

The Pumpkins

For the first publications of the Pumpkin Comics in a Helloween album (Keeper Of The 7 Keys - Part I, 1987) the band simply published 100% of the test-drawings sent by Frederick at the time.
Furthermore the band asked his cartoonist specific drawings for the merchandising. (tee-shirts, caps, patches, flags, stickers, posters, etc.). Following the public success of the cartoons, the band asked Frederick to draw a few singles covers and then album designs.

This collaboration lasted for more than eleven years.


Frederick has always been driven by music and live concerts. Long before he worked with Helloween, he already had travelled worldwide and took pictures of the biggest bands touring during the 1980/1990’s. From the beginnings of The Cure to those of Metallica, from Queen's heyday to the world of Metal, music had only very distant frontiers for him.

Live photos, travels and drawings fed him from childhood ‘till the adult age.

The conclusion to the ”Comics & Rock” period of Frederick Moulaert’s life went progressively. As soon as the early 1990’s, Frederick discovers the world of Mac. It started with colorizing his Helloween pumkins, then, step by step to Computer Assisted Publications to create album covers for bands and then to join the world of advertising and graphic design.

Today (and for more than a decade) it is mainly the creation of web design and studio photography that drives his creativity.

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